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Shana Fannon obtained her B.S. in Interior Design from Philadelphia University in 2007 and has worked in various aspects of residential and commercial design for more than a decade.  She has always been a passionate artist enjoying drawing, painting, writing and dancing. As a child she would run through the woods, climb trees and imagine all kinds of worlds to investigate building forts and makeshift structures whenever she had the chance.

Shana became interested in formal architecture as a girl watching shows on the travel channel exploring design around the world.  The desire to experience design in new and interesting ways encouraged her to travel gaining inspiration from people, cultures and art from around the world.  She has been to El Salvador, China, Mexico and the Dominican Republic always favoring local exploration. She has made a continual personal study of understanding how we connect with one another, with nature and with the architecture we inhabit.

Shana incorporates her love of art and connection in all of her designs, creating space as art we function and live in.

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