Curiouser and Curiouser

As a child I would make lady bug villages in the back yard.  When we lived in Mt. Laurel our backyard had a small slope and I dug out a little step so that I could build a bug village.  I used blue bell flowers and leaves and loose sticks, figuring out how to build a village from nature for my little polka dot friends.  Getting the bugs to stay, well they have a mind of their own, it was tough. 

Thinking out of the box and staying curious about the world, and exploring the possibilities in it, is why I love what I do.  Being an interior designer for me means staying curious with my clients, finding new ways to work with materials and with vendors.  I love when someone says it can’t be done, my mind immediately goes into McGyver mode, figuring out how it can be done and well.  This is what makes being a designer and a project manager so much fun for me.  Problem solving, mixed with a little art, a good deal of design, sprinkled with pizzazz and panache.

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