How I found my way to Interior Design.

Shall we get started? A glimpse into who Shana Fannon is.  I grew up in South Jersey, in a small town called Westampton.  Its where I lived with my family, from the time I was 6, until I moved out when I was 26.  In September of 2016 I moved to Philadelphia, it has been my home ever since. Growing up I loved art and anything that had to do with it.  I had a pottery wheel, I wove hot pads for my mother (she had dozens of them), loved drawing, building forts, igloo’s in the snow, Legos, anything I could get my hands on to create.  The first time I sketched out a room I think I was 10, I tried to draw a perspective with my colored pencils. I had a terrible time with the throw pillows.

At some point I realized I liked figuring out how to put things together, hotwiring the TV when my mom would take the power plug so we couldn’t watch TV all day, taking my radio apart to see how it worked and fixing things around the house.  My father and I put the roof on the house when I was 16 and I think that’s when I was hooked. I wanted to build things…not with my own hands quite in that manner but I was sure I wanted to make buildings someday.

I went to Interior Design school at Philadelphia University, now merged with Thomas Jefferson University, in East Falls.  I graduated with my BS in Interior Design in 2007 just in time for the recession to hit a year later. At the time I was working in a small design firm in Moorestown working mostly on model homes for developers and on private residences and clubhouses.  I would analyze the designs, make suggestions to builder for changes and work on everything from custom trim design, lighting layouts and furniture selection, presentations, shopping and staging. It was a small place so I was able to experience all the many stages of the design process.  My boss at the time was not a kind person or a great boss, but she taught me a lot and looking back I am grateful for all I was able to learn from the other designers and people I worked with.

The path from first design job out of college to starting my own business is a winding one.  I was laid off during the recession in 2009 from the firm in Moorestown, it was time to go anyway, I had new things to learn.  From there I worked for a family friend doing interior fire suppression system design and CAD (computer aided drafting) for his residential and commercial clients.  Then I landed a full-time position at Judge AV a commercial audio-visual design company in King of Prussia, shortly after starting the head designer went out on pregnancy leave and become responsible for all of their design work and engineering drawings.  I learned a great deal about the integration of technology into spaces and furniture there. I left after a couple of years, I had been living in King of Prussia and wanted to move closer to the city. I went into commercial design and commercial furniture sales working with clients of all sizes in higher education and commercial office space primarily.  I worked in the commercial furniture and design world for almost 9 years.

I officially launched SF Design Co. about 18 months ago, and converted it to an LLC earlier this year.  I realized that the number of clients I was working with outside of my day job was increasing significantly about 3 years ago.  The business really started itself. That is a little about me. I am excited to get to know something about you. Feel free to connect with me on social media or email me.  Can’t wait to meet you and maybe even work with you.

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