E. Columbia Ave. Condo

A well-balanced neutral pallet can be just what a client needs. When we first saw the condo, it felt closed off and uninviting. The client wasn’t sure he was even going to stay in the condo as he felt so disconnected from the space and it didn’t feel like home for him. Our first priority was making it overall feel like home for him. Second, we wanted to embrace the raw industrial feel of the space but still have it be warm and inviting.


To address unifying the overall design, we brought in some new pieces and added playful textures in the curtains and throw pillows. We used sculptural elements like the three light floor lamp and the twisted black side table to draw you into the space. We brought in a new side board and the large photograph print along the back wall anchor the space while adding depth and interest. Together these elements draw you in and threw the space, they make it feel more inviting.