Pennington Drive Master Bath

When this home was built in the 50’s it was originally equipped with one large hall bathroom and a half bath in the master bedroom. Through the years and owners one and one-half bathroom were combined it into one large bathroom with a garden tub and separate shower. As you can image that makes it hard to accommodate all the individuals in a family of five who live in the home currently. Our task was to turn the one large bathroom back into at least one and one-half bathrooms.


We did not love the idea of only returning it to what it used to be, instead we were committed to figuring a way to turn it into two full bathrooms. The purpose of this being to provide a truly usable full bathroom accessible for the master bedroom, making it a true master bedroom suite. Spoiler…we did it. The result is two full bathrooms, the master having a large shower with beautiful glass tile and the hall bathroom having a large bathtub/shower combo with a rich green blue glass tile. We love diving into the details and we didn’t want the hall bathroom to feel dark so we added an interior light at the top of the room allowing natural light to pass from the master bathroom to the hall bath. We installed a pocket door on the master bath to cut down on space lost to a door swing. Overall, it’s a bright clean space and makes a world of difference in the homes overall usability and value.