Wynnewood House

The owner of this home is a real estate developer in the city of Philadelphia. He is also a lover of wine, dancing, and above all, he loves his family. When we originally took a look at the house all the finishes, the flooring, the bathrooms, everything needed a face lift and the home in general needed to be opened up. The client wanted a more modern look and to improve the design for hosting his family and friends.


One of the first opportunities we saw was to widen and squared off the openings throughout the first floor. We also removed the walls beneath the main staircase. The benefit was not only the home feeling more open but allowing light to pass through. Next, we saw an opportunity to add an element that was uniquely representative of the home owner, a love of wine. We designed and installed a custom wine rack in the dining room beneath the stair. The wine rack ties into the new modern iron railings.


The kitchen had a little bit of an awkward wall of cabinets along one side. We tweaked the layout to allow for more cabinets along one wall by moving the opening between the kitchen and living room down. We installed rich blue cabinets for a pop of color. When you enter the home, many of the walls are angled. To incorporate that architectural language throughout the home, we incorporated an emphasized angle into the custom floor pattern in the kitchen and brought it up vertically with the angled waterfall edge on the island.


The home has three bathrooms, we completely gutted and replaced all the finishes and fixtures in all them. The master is where there was great need for improvement in the design. The shower was small and dark, closed off with a full wall and a small doorway. The master closet had an angled wall that cut into the space in the master bath and created unusable space in the closet, we took that and added it to the master shower allowing the addition of a bench. We removed the wall that separated the shower from the rest of the bathroom and installed a custom shower door.


We had a great time working on this project, couldn’t have asked for a more knowledgeable client. The project was absolutely a partnership between us and the client.