So Let’s Talk DaVinci

One of the reasons I loved learning about DaVinci in design school was his lack of self-limiting beliefs, which seems to be a characteristic of the time.  Artist and mathematician seem to be the description of many Renaissance artists.  DaVinci explored art, sculpture, architecture, mathematics, engineering and science just to name a few.  National Geographic recently did a special publication on Leonardo and of course I had to snatch it up and go ‘back to school’ for a minute.

Leonardo received training with other artists in Florence, Italy.  One of the focal points of their learning was building from the bones out, when drawing, painting or creating a figure.  You have to know what the bones or structure of the body looks like before you can put clothing on it.  To me that is exactly what interior architecture and design is all about.  You have to consider the bones of the building before you can make it look pretty.  Looking pretty comes after making sure the bones of a space are correct.  Developing easily used and functional space is of vital importance before finishes can be applied. 

It all ties together, Leonardo’s love of math, engineering and science directly connect back to his love of art.  The art is more accurate and has so much more depth when precise proportions, structure and focal point are considered first. 

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